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Jianjun Huang - Purdue University

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SUPOR: Precise and Scalable Sensitive User Input Detection for Mobile Apps

Sep 02, 2015

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While smartphones and mobile apps have been an essential part of our lives, privacy is a serious concern. Previous mobile privacy related research efforts have largely focused on predefined known sources managed by smartphones. Sensitive user inputs through UI (User Interface), another information source that may contain a lot of sensitive information, have been mostly neglected.

This talk examines the possibility of scalably detecting sensitive user inputs from mobile apps. In particular, SUPOR, a novel static analysis tool that automatically examines the UIs to identify sensitive user inputs containing critical user data, such as user credentials, finance, and medical data, is designed and implemented. SUPOR enables existing privacy analysis approaches to be applied on sensitive user inputs as well. To demonstrate the usefulness of SUPOR, we build a system that detects privacy disclosures of sensitive user inputs by combining SUPOR with off-the-shelf static taint analysis. We apply the system to 16,000 popular Android apps, and conduct a measurement study on the privacy disclosures. SUPOR achieves an average precision of 97.3% and an average recall of 97.3% for sensitive user input identification. SUPOR finds 355 apps with privacy disclosures and the false positive rate is 8.7%. We discover interesting cases related to national ID, username/password, credit card and health information.

About the Speaker

Jianjun Huang
Jianjun Huang is a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University, supervised by Prof. Xiangyu Zhang. Jianjun Huang is interested at leveraging program analysis techniques to detect malicious behaviors and flaw in mobiles apps. In particular, his research combines static program analysis, text and GUI analysis.

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