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Network Security Begins at Home: Changing Consumer Behavior for i-Safety

Nora Rifon - Michigan State University

Oct 11, 2006

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Virus and worm attacks that spread through holes in popular consumer
software emphasize the role the online public must play in preserving the
safety and integrity of the Internet. To protect the network commons, more
users must engage in safe online behavior by such actions as controlling
their private information, updating software security patches, downloading
protective software, and filtering their email. While network security
remains an abstract notion to the general public, online consumers can
understand the issue in terms of their personal privacy behavior, actions
that result in the undesired disclosure of information and unwanted
intrusions on their personal cyberspace. In her talk, Professor Rifon will
discuss a social-psychological approach to understanding Internet user
privacy and security safety related behaviors.

About the Speaker

Nora J. Rifon is a Professor in the Department of Advertising, Public Relations, and Retailing at Michigan State University. She earned her Ph. D. in Business, and her MA and BA in Psychology. Her research interests include consumer privacy and online safety for e-commerce, social networking, and telemedicine, socially responsible marketing tactics, corporate reputation, and consumer trust.

Professor Rifon received three research awards in 2004 including a three-year, $400,000 National Science Foundation award to study online consumer information safety. In 2006 she received a grant from Microsoft Research for the development of a Trustworthy Computing curriculum. Recently she served as Privacy Executive on Loan to the Department of Information Technology, State of Michigan. Her recent research examines the public/private paradox of Internet use and implications for public policy.

Professor Rifon has served on the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Advertising and presently chairs the Publications Committee. She serves on the editorial review boards of The Journal of Consumer Affairs, and The Journal of Interactive Advertising, is a Research Associate of the MSU Quello Center for Telecommunication Law and Management, and a member of the MSU Cybersecurity Intitiative. Professor Rifon has published her work in journals such as Communications of the ACM, New Media and Society, The Journal of Consumer Affairs, The Journal of Advertising, Advances in Consumer Research, Government Information Quarterly, The Journal of Interactive Advertising, and The International Journal of Advertising, and in the proceedings of a variety of International conferences. Professor Rifon has served as consultant to the State of Michigan Office of the Attorney General, private law firms, and the commercial sector.

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