Leon Ravenna - KAR Global

Apr 15, 2020

"Everyone wants to help you: Understanding the issues and surviving with a multitude of regulatory authorities"


As more Personally Identifiable Information iscollected, stored or created, the specter of customer privacy issues arelooming large. Privacy and Security methodologies are starting to be dictatedby those in State houses, Congress and Supra-regional governments. 

Enterprises need to take a long hard look at theinformation they are capturing and how they secure it to determine whether thepotential value outweighs the potential risk.


·       How do your current Security and Privacy practices match up against upcoming lawsin Europe, US other parts of the world? 

·       Are you prepared to deal with new laws with huge fines? What about Private Right ofAction?

·       Are you anticipating what is coming down the road?


•            Understand the implications of new laws are as well as your risks

•            Understand how to comply with upcoming laws

•            Understand how contracts and dataflow will be impacted

•            Ways to drive your organization to implement

•            How can this be beneficial for you personally


About the Speaker

LeonRavenna, CISO - KAR Auction Services - Leon has over 30 years’ experience inHealthcare, Financial Services and Technology companies. He leads GlobalSecurity Strategy, Execution, Privacy and Compliance services.

Leonis currently CISO of a $2.5B multi-national company in the auto auction andfinancial services space. Providing Security, Privacy & Complianceexpertise for over 15,000 employees. Leon has led nationwide support, Web &CRM development efforts, data center builds, heavy infrastructure for SaaScompanies in the medical and financial space.

Leonhas extensive experience in Regulatory, Compliance & Privacy having managedISO27001, HIPAA, SSAE-16, PCI and NIST system builds and audits. In addition toholding a PMP.  Leon holds a CISSP and PMP and is one of a very smallgroup world-wide to hold 6 major Global Privacy certifications including CIPM,CIPP/ C and CIPP/ E, CIPP/ G, CIPP/ US and FIP.

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