Luke Nelson

Nov 04, 1995

"Pumpcon Review"


We'll start with a description of what a "Con" is, followed by an overview of what "PumpCon" is and is all about. This will include a general summary of what went on at this year's event.
Next, I'll cover some specific topics that were discussed at PumpCon. I'll talk about holes in the S/KEY system developed by Bellcore. The holes were found by a member of the Lopht group (Mudge). I have his paper on the subject.

I will also talk about the arrest of BernieS, in real life known as Ed Cummings. He was arrested under a new law, and kept in prison for 7 months. Basically the Secret Service had it in for him, I'll explain why.

From these, we'll see where conversation leads us.

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