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Kevin Hoffman - PhD candidate in the Computer Science, Purdue University

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Ribbons, A Partially-Shared Memory Programming Model

Feb 24, 2010

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We present ribbons, a shared memory programming model
that allows for more implicit sharing of memory than processes but is
more restrictive than threads. Ribbons structure the heap into protection
domains. Privileges between these protection domains are carefully
controlled to provide the ability to fully or partially "sandbox" certain
portions of a program's computation. RibbonJ, a backwards-compatible
extension of Java, is defined to easily create programs that leverage the
ribbons model. RibbonJ is implemented within Jikes RVM, and avoids
the overhead of inline security checks and read or write barriers by
leveraging the memory protection mechanisms already supported in
modern hardware and operating systems. This is joint work with
Harrison Metzger and Professor Patrick Eugster.

About the Speaker

Kevin Hoffman is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department at Purdue, advised by Professor Patrick Eugster.
He has published papers on topics ranging from reputation systems,
aspect-oriented programming, and software metrics, to automated
regression-cause determination via dynamic software analysis.
He is currently working on the Ribbon project, as well as on
scalable, low-latency, low-contention garbage collection techniques
for high core count systems.

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