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Carter Bullard - QoSient, LLC

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Society, Law Enforcement and the Internet: Models for Give and Take

Apr 06, 2011

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Krannert Auditorium, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
The interaction of society, law enforcement and telecommunications has evolved over the last 140 years to a successful balance of give and take. Society gives, providing well-defined processes and procedures that allow the government, law enforcement and citizens regulated access to information routinely collected by telecommunications service providers. And society benefits, where its justice systems can effectively use the information in support of criminal investigations and civil dispute resolutions.
Internet technology has been designed, developed and deployed without any consideration to this relationship, and the technical and social void that has emerged isactively being exploited, reducing the security of the Internet, and the natural compensatory actions threaten innovation and privacy.

Our presentation discusses how a comprehensive policy regarding Internet communications identifying information (CII), could align the Internet with the existing public private partnerships that have evolved, minimizing the threats to privacy that an Internet ‘wiretapping' strategy alone could generate.

About the Speaker

Carter Bullard is a pioneer and industry expert, holding both academic and industry positions researching computer network security. Carter established in the early 1990's, research programs in network vulnerability analysis and assessment at Carnegie Mellon's CERT, where he pioneered and developed the concepts of network flow based forensics, and situational awareness. Carter helped develop and standardize the complete security architecture for ATM networking while a principal at FORE Systems and Nortel Networks, and most recently has been conducting security research in the areas of high performance virtual networking, forensics, optimization, awareness, and protection, at the U.S. DoD. Carter has authored over 20 contributions to the IETF, ITU, and the ATM Forum in the areas of network security, has consulted to U.S. Federal and State agencies regarding large scale network surveillance, mitigation, attribution and protection.

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