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Norman R. Augustine - Lockheed Martin Corporation (Retired)

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The Growing Role--and Problems--Facing Science and Engineering

Apr 10, 2013


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The Global Policy Research Institute and CERIAS are pleased to host Mr. Norman R. Augustine, Chairman & CEO (retired) of Lockheed Martin, on Wednesday, April 10. Mr. Augustine will be presenting a lecture on "The Growing Role - and Problems - Facing Science and Engineering."

America and many other nations today confront an unusual number of truly pivotal challenges ranging from supplying clean energy to assuring national security and from providing healthcare to preserving the Earth's environment. None of these can be solved without a strong economy, and as a developed nation America's ability to grow its economy will be heavily dependent upon innovation – most of which will be enabled by scientists and engineers. Yet America's ability to produce scientists and engineers has been deteriorating for several decades. Fortunately, there is much the nation can do to remain competitive…if it has the will.

About the Speaker

Norm Augustine is retired Chairman and CEO of the Board of the Lockheed Martin Corporation. Prior to joining Martin Marietta, he served as Assistant Secretary of the Army (R&D) from 1973-75 and and Undersecretary from 1975-77. He was a Professor at Princeton, his alma mater, from 1997-99. Mr. Augustine has been presented the National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States and received the Joint Chiefs of Staff Distinguished Public Service Award. He has five times received the Department of Defense's highest civilian decoration the Distinguished Service Medal. He is co-author of The Defense Revolution and Shakespeare In Charge and author of Augustine's Laws and Augustine's Travels. He was Chairman and Principal Officer of the American Red Cross for nine years, Chairman of the National Academy of Engineering, President and Chairman of the Association of the United States Army, Chairman of the Aerospace Industries Association, Chairman of the Defense Science Board, and has served on numerous other boards.

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