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Information Security for New/Home Users

New to information security? Want to learn more about protecting your home system from intrusions and incidents? We have written a series of articles that will demystify information security and help you become a security-savvy user. More»

Featured Article: Spam Email

If you're like most people, you've already encountered problems with Spam email. Spam email is the common term for the Internet version of junk mail. A Spam email is an unsolicited mailing, usually sent to many different people. Spam email comes in many different forms. The most common form is unsolicited (and sometimes offensive) advertising, but spam email also includes chain letters ("pass this email on or you will be jinxed"), hoaxes ("Bill Gates will give you $500 dollars if you forward this email"), scams ("free gutter installation"), and even forwarded jokes. While Spam seems harmless enough, there are actually several reasons why you should be concerned about it. More»