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Recordings from the past symposium are below. Adobe Flash is required to view. The sound quality is not what we hoped to capture and we are unable to alter it to a better quality.

Welcome & Keynote

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  • Opening Remarks - Prof. Eugene Spafford (CERIAS)
  • Mr. Todd Gebhart, Co-President McAfee Inc.

Panel NSTIC, Trusted Identities and the Internet

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  • Elisa Bertino, Professor, Computer Science and CERIAS Fellow Purdue University
  • Stephen Elliott, Associate Professor, Technology Leadership & Innovation and CERIAS Fellow, Purdue University
  • Stuart S. Shapiro, Principal Information Privacy and Security Engineer, The MITRE Corporation
  • Cathy Tilton, VP Standards and Technology, Daon Solutions

CERIAS TechTalk: Towards Intrusion-Tolerant Clouds, Associate Prof. Cristina Nita-Rotaru, Purdue University

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Keynote: Christopher Painter, US State Department, Coordinator for Cyber Issues

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Fireside Chat (Prof. Spafford, Mr. Painter)

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CERIAS Awards Ceremony & Panel – Security Education and Training

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  • Diana Burley, Associate Professor of Human and Organizational Learning at The George, Washington University
  • Melissa Dark, Professor, Computer & Information Technology and CERIAS Fellow, Purdue University
  • Allan Gray, Professor and Director, Center for Food and Agricultural Business and Land O’Lakes Chair in Food and Agribusiness, Purdue University
  • Marcus K. Rogers, Professor, Computer & Information Technology and CERIAS Fellow, Purdue University

Featured Commentary: The Honorable Mark Weatherford, DHS Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity & Tech Talk #3: Advances in Biometric Testing, Prof. Stephen Elliott, Purdue University

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Our annual security symposium will take place on April 14 and 15, 2020.
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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