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We Respect Your Online Privacy

CERIAS is the world's foremost academic institution focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to information security. Part of our research includes online anonymity so our policies regarding your information reflect that. Our policies for the general public are:

  • Email addresses are considered confidential. These are not sold or distributed to other parties nor do we do unsolicited mass-mailing advertisements. If you leave an email address on the CERIAS site then the only email you will receive is what you expressed an interest in (i.e.: majordomo mailing lists, publication availability, hotlist "stale link" report, etc.)
  • Cookies are not used in the public areas of the site, unless otherwise stated. We keep things simple so we don't have to clutter your machine up with a lot of useless information. Cookies (or any of the information logged during your visit) are never used for individual user tracking.
  • Browser information is gathered for quality of service purposes. The following information about visiting browsers is recorded:
    • User agent string
    • Platform/OS
    • Screen resolution
    • The width of the browser window
    • If Macromedia Flash is installed, and if so what version
  • Referrers are logged for quality of service purposes and to identify sources of 404 errors.
  • Input you enter into forms is also considered to be private information and is used only for the purpose you entered it. Nothing is sold or distributed to other parties.
  • Traffic on CERIAS personal pages under the /homes area is logged in Common Log Format and shown to the respective maintainers for statistical purposes only. Logged information may include IP addresses and/or domain names. Of course, CERIAS honors valid law enforcement warrants or subpoenas for logs and lists.
  • Logs of suspicious activity and access information may be kept for site security purposes. Evidence of attacks or other malicious activity will be shared with law enforcement agencies as necessary to apprehend and prosecute individuals who abuse our resources.

Any Questions?

We would be happy to discuss our policy with you further or answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us.

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