CERIAS Diamond Award Winners

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The annual Diamond Award goes to a student that most exemplifies the “diamond in the rough” transition through outstanding academic achievement and/or research excellence.

Year Recipient(s)
2019 Denis Ulybyshev
2018 Samuel Jero
2017 Christopher Gutierrez
2016 Cesare Guariniello
2015 Mohammed Almeshekah
2014 Rahul Potharaju
2013 Gaspar Modelo-Howard
Dannie Stanley
2012 Kevin O’Connor
Jeffrey Seibert
2011 Ashish Kundu
2010 David Zage
2009 Ryan Riley
Qihua Wang
Yusung Wu
2008 Kurt Ackermann
2007 Marina Blanton
Ryan Stutsman
2006 Mahesh V. Tripunitara
Paul D. Williams
2005 Keith B. Frikken
Murat Kantarcioglu
2004 Ben Kuperman
Radu Sion

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