On May 6-7, 2002, the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) and Accenture invited a respected group of national and international experts to come together to examine the issues, weigh the benefits and risks, and present a set of guidelines for wireless technologies. Eighteen leading security experts and researchers from technology, business, and government met in Washington D.C. to explore these challenges and articulate a vision for a safer wireless world.

The 2002 Security Visionary Roundtable resulted in a set of guidelines and prescriptions to:
  • Increase awareness in the general public and educate consumers
  • Inform business and industry, both as end-users and as product and service providers, and challenge them to weigh and address the risks, demand safety and security of themselves, and create a sense of organizational responsibility and leadership in private-sector approaches to security
  • Encourage and support government intervention where appropriate and necessary to meet consumer goals for technology and security
  • Reinforce to security technologists the importance of appropriate interfaces with existing wired technologies
Attached here are the Executive Summary, Full Report, Best Practices Guide, and a list of Terms and Acronyms that were written and developed as a result of this experts roundtable, Roadmap to a Safer Wireless World.


Earlier Reports


CERIAS, in cooperation with sponsor Accenture, invited leading authorities to a two-day workshop to discuss the future of information security. Respected leaders from government, academia and industry met to discuss trends, highlight challenges, and suggest solutions to the resulting problems. The report and executive summary available here represents the synthesis of this meeting, a Call to Arms on the principal trends and challenges security professionals will need to address in the coming years.