The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)

The Center for Education and Research in
Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)

Researchers, Students Receive Awards at the 2011 CERIAS Symposium

Wed, April 06, 2011General

Ashish Kundu (Ph.D. 2010) was awarded the Diamond Award. Ashish was an advisee of Prof. Elisa Bertino. His research interests are broadly in the area of “how to build secure and dependable systems and services”. In his doctoral thesis, Ashish addressed the problem of “How to Authenticate Trees and Graphs Without Leaking”. One of his papers related to his thesis received the Best Student Paper at the IEEE Enterprise Computing conference in 2006. Prior to joining Purdue, Ashish was a Research Staff Member at IBM India Research Lab for about five years. At IBM Research, he worked on distributed and pervasive systems. He has been (co-)inventor in several patents. He has also been awarded with the IBM Bravo award as well as two IBM Plateau awards for his contributions.

He is currently working at IBM T J Watson Research Center.

The annual Diamond Award goes to a student that most exemplifies the “diamond in the rough” transition through outstanding academic achievement and/or research excellence.

Keith Watson was awarded the Pillar of CERIAS Award. Keith is an information assurance research engineer at CERIAS at Purdue University. He started work at the Center in August 2002. As an undergraduate in Computer Sciences, he volunteered his time to work in the Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technologies (COAST) laboratory for Professor Spafford. Keith is currently managing advanced security research projects in security architecture, biometrics, and digital forensics.

After receiving his B.S. degree from Purdue in 1997, he joined Sun Microsystems, Inc. and held several positions involving computer and network security. During his time at Sun Laboratories, he co-developed the Sun Enterprise Network Security Service, a secure, distributed execution framework that auditted systems and networks.

Keith is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

The Pillar of CERIAS Award recognizes a CERIAS faculty/staff member and/or CERIAS sponsor for their service in furthering ideals and goals on which CERIAS achievements are built.

Poster Session Awards Of the twenty-nine posters presented at the symposium poster session, four received recognition from a panel of judges.

The 2011 award winners are:

1st Place: “Kernel Malware Analysis with Un-tampered and Temporal Views of Dynamic Kernel Memory” - Junghwan Rhee, Ryan Riley, Dongyan Xu, and Xuxian Jiang

2nd Place: “Using context-profiling to aid access control decisions in mobile devices” - Aditi Gupta, Markus Miettinen, N. Asokan

3rd Place (tie): “JSLocker: Flexible Access Control Policies with Delimited Histories and Revocation” - Christian Hammer, Gregor Richards, Suresh Jagannathan, Jan Vitek’

“Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering Quick Evaluation System” - James E. Goldman, Cory Q. Nguyen, Anthony E. Smith

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