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NUJIA Call For Papers

Mon, February 07, 2005Call For Papers

The Norwich University Journal of Information Assurance (NUJIA) was created by
Norwich University to fill an essential function in the field of information assurance, specifically, to publish peer-reviewed articles on practical aspects of information assurance. The mission of the NUJIA is to advance understanding within the information assurance field by publishing original, high-quality, practical research into the management of information assurance.

We are approaching the publication of Volume 1 Issue 1 and are ready to receive article submissions from interested information security professionals. We are looking for practical “how to” papers on managing information assurance. Submissions to the NUJIA can be made by sending the manuscript to the editor at mailto:nujia@norwich.edu (questions or inquiries can be directed to the same address).

The following is a list of possible topics of interest. Authors are not
limited to this list of topics:

* Foundations of Information Assurance

o Cyberspace law and computer forensics

o The psychology of computer criminals

o Information warfare

o Preventing penetration of computer systems and networks

o Detection and removal of malicious and mobile code

o Prevention of denial-of-service attacks

o Protecting intellectual property

o E-commerce vulnerabilities and solutions

* Information Assurance Tools

o Tools used for the protection of data communications & networks

o Cryptographic tools

o Tools used for the protection of operating systems

o Managing vendor relations

o Tools used in problem management

* Human Factors of Information Assurance

o Guides to the implementation and maintenance of security policy

o Guides to the implementation and maintenance of security awareness programs
o Ethical decision-making and high technology

o Employment practices and policies as they relate to information assurance

o Human issues in operations security and production controls

o E-mail and Internet use policies

o Working with law enforcement

o Using social psychology to implement security policies

* Detection and Response

o Practical application of risk management methodology

o Implementation of disaster recovery strategies

o Business continuity

o Responding to intrusion before the arrival of law enforcement

The editorial staff of the NUJIA welcomes any article from practicing information assurance professionals.

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