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CIIW 2005 Call For Papers

Fri, March 25, 2005Call For Papers
Call for Papers

CIIW 2005: The first CRIS International Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructures

Cyber blackouts: How fast is the recovery, and what preparatory measures do we have in place?


17-18 May 2005, Linkoeping, Sweden.

This workshop is being held as a combined research-oriented workshop and information exchange for experts and authorities involved in Critical Infrastructures, but with a focus on information infrastructures.

It is supported by CRIS, the international Institute for Research on Critical Infrastructures (www.cris-inst.com) and is a follow-up to a European union IST workshop recently held on “The future of ICT for power systems: emerging security challenges”.

The workshop seeks two categories of papers:
(1) high quality unpublished papers (full papers)
(2) work-in-progress and student papers discussing recent interesting work

related to the following research areas:

* Dynamic network protection with adaptive and proactive methods
* Intrusion prevention, detection, tolerance and response
* Defence strategies for ISP networks
* Infrastructure vulnerabilities and dependencies
* Monitoring and analysing attack patterns within specific systems or domains
* Monitoring and analysing attack patterns in Internet data
* Recognition and response systems for distributed attacks, e.g. CAPTCHAs
* Distributed denial of service attacks
* Self-propagating malicious code
* Cyber terrorism and organized crime
* System management and self-managed systems
* Self-healing systems, automated patching and node/link recovery, ad-hoc routing
* Real-time response and mitigation
* Network fault-tolerance: wireless networks, sensor networks, IP networks
* Security policy, protection, access control and authentication
* Models and architectures for network survivability
* Interoperability between hybrid wireline/wireless networks
* Robust infrastructures

The topics indicated are not restrictive, on the contrary they are listed as a guide for the reader.

The articles will be reviewed and selected based on their originality, significance and soundness. Selected papers will be proposed for a special issue of a distinguished journal (contacts in progress).


* Submission deadline (full papers & WIP/Student): 30 March 2005

* Acceptance notification: 15 April 2005

* Final version due: 1 May 2005

Articles should be submitted through the website, using PDF format. The papers must not exceed 10 pages including authors information, corresponding author’s e-mail, abstract 3-5 keywords, figures and bibliography.


Simin Nadjm-Tehrani

Linkoeping University, Sweden



Mats Soederstroem

Linkoeping University, Sweden


Kalle Burbeck

Claudiu Duma

Almut Herzog

Linkoeping University, Sweden

Questions to: ciiw05@ida.liu.se


Massoud Amin

University of Minnesota, USA

David Bakken

Washington State University, USA

Stefan Burschka

Swisscom, Switzerland

Germano Caronni

Sun Microsystems, USA

David Chadwick

University of Salford, UK

Geert Deconinck

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Rune Gustavsson

Blekinge Tekniska Hoegskola, Sweden

Peng Liu

Penn State University, USA

Simin Nadjm-Tehrani

Linkoeping University, Sweden

Rick Schlichting


Nahid Shahmehri

Linkoeping University, Sweden

Andreas Wespi

IBM, Switzerland

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