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21st Annual Computer Security Applications Conference Call For Papers

Mon, March 14, 2005Call For Papers

21th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

December 5-9, 2005

Tucson, Arizona


PDF version at http://www.acsac.org/2005/ACSAC_CFP.pdf

ACSAC is an internationally recognized forum where practitioners, researchers, and developers in information system security meet to learn and to exchange practical ideas and experiences.

If you are developing practical solutions to problems relating to protecting commercial enterprises’ or countries’ information infrastructures, consider submitting your work to the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, to be held December 2005 in Tucson, AZ.

We are soliciting submissions in a number of different categories:

  o Technical Track:  peer-reviewed papers

  o Technology Blitz:  cutting-edge technology presentations *NEW FEATURE*

  o Case Studies:    practical experience reports from applying security

  o WIP:          works in progress reports

  o Tutorials:      in depth seminars on current security topics

  o Workshop:      on up to date hot topic

We are especially interested in submissions that address the application of security technology, the implementation of systems, and lessons learned.  Some example topics are:

* Access control

* Applied cryptography

* Audit and audit reduction

* Biometrics

* Certification and accreditation

* Database security

* Denial of service protection

* Defensive information warfare

* Electronic commerce security

* Enterprise security

* Firewalls and other boundary control devices

* Forensics

* Identification and authentication

* Insider threat protection

* Integrity

* Intellectual property rights protection

* Incident response planning

* Intrusion detection and event correlation

* Malware

* Middleware and distributed systems security

* Mobile and wireless security

* Modeling and simulation related to security

* Operating systems security

* Product evaluation criteria and compliance

* Privacy

* Risk/vulnerability assessment

* Security engineering and management

* Software assurance

Important submission information:

Technical Track —- Submission: May 29, 2005   Acceptance: Aug. 14, 2005

Tutorials     —- Submission: June 1, 2005   Acceptance: Jul. 15, 2005

Workshop     —- Submission: June 1, 2005   Acceptance: Jul. 15, 2005

Case Studies   —- Submission: June 15, 2005   Acceptance: Aug. 15, 2005

Technology Blitz—- Submission: Sep.  9, 2005   Acceptance: Oct. 16, 2005

See http://www.acsac.org/cfp for detailed submission information!

Program Committee (program_chair@acsac.org)

* Christoph Schuba, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (PC Chair)

* Charles Payne, Adventium Labs (PC Co-chair)

* Pierangela Samarati, University of Milan (PC Co-chair)

* Terry Benzel, USC - ISI

* Konstantin Beznosov, University of British Columbia

* Germano Caronni, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

* Ramaswamy Chandramouli, National Institute of Standards and Technology

* Marc Dacier, Eurecom Institute

* Ernesto Damianti, University of Milan

* Gary Ellison, InterTrust Technologies Corp.

* Dieter Gollmann ,Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg

* Steven J. Greenwald, Independent Consultant

* Wesley Higaki, Symantec Corporation

* Trent Jaeger, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

* Tom Keefe, Oracle Corp.

* James Kempf, DoCoMo Labs USA

* Carl Landwehr, University of Maryland

* Peng Liu, Pennsylvania State University

* Tom Longstaff, Carnegie Mellon University

* Bryan Lyles, Telcordia Technologies

* Patrick McDaniel, Pennsylvania State University

* John McDermott, Naval Research Laboratory

* Paul Van Oorschot, Carleton University (Canada)

* Jong-Sou Park, Hankuk Aviation University

* Vern Paxson, International Computer Science Institute

* Andre dos Santos, Georgia Tech

* Sami Saydjari, Cyber Defense Agency, LLC

* Giovanni Vigna, University of California Santa Barbara

* Simon Wiseman, QinetiQ

* Diego Zamboni, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

Case Studies (casestudies_chair@acsac.org)

* Steven Rome, Booz Allen Hamilton (Case Studies Chair)

The Case Studies Track is a complementary part of the technical conference. It is an opportunity for professionals to share information that is current without writing a detailed technical paper. It is open to anyone in the community such as vendors, network providers, systems integrators, government civil/federal/military programs or users across the spectrum of computer security applications.

Technology Blitz Committee (tbc_chair@acsac.org)

* Paul Jardetzky, Devicescape Software, Inc. (TBC Chair)

* Jeremy Epstein, webMethods

* LouAnna Notargiacomo, Mitre Corporation

* Timothy Roscoe, Intel Corporation

* Pierangela Samarati, University of Milan

In 2005 we are introducing a new type of session that we call the Technology Blitz session. In three parallel tracks, it will feature short talks (10 min.+ 5min Q&A) on hot, up to date topics.

Works In Progress (wip_chair@acsac.org)

* Mary Ellen Zurko, IBM Software Group (WiP Chair)

The Works In Progress (WIP) session packs as many 5 minute presentations as it can into one fast paced and popular session. These talks highlight the most current work in both business and academia, emphasizing goals and value add, accomplishments to date, and future plans. Special consideration is given to topics that discuss real life security experience, including system implementation, deployment, and lessons learned.

Tutorials (tutorial_chair@acsac.org)

* Daniel Faigin, The Aerospace Corporation, USA. (Tutorials Chair)

Tutorials are full (6 hour) or half (3 hour) day classes on how to apply or use a particular technology to address a security need. A typical tutorial submission includes an abstract of the tutorial, a brief (1-2 page) outline, an instructor bio, an indication of length, and notes on prerequisites and textbooks. Tutorial instructors receive an honorarium and expenses. If you would like to indicate a topic you would like to see, you may do that as well; please suggest an instructor if you can.

Workshop (workshop_chair@acsac.org)

* Harvey Rubinovitz, Mitre Corporation (Workshop Chair)

ACSAC workshops are on up to date topics that attendees usually rate to provide a useful and exciting forum for information technology professionals (e.g., standards developers, software developers, security engineers, security officers) to exchange ideas, concerns, and opinions.


Conferenceship Program

ACSAC offers a conferenceship program to enable students to attend the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. This program will pay for the conference and tutorial expenses, including travel, for selected students. Additional information about this program is

Future Updates:

To be added to the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
Mailing List, click here.


ACSAC does not accept “speaking proposals” in the form of a biography and a one paragraph description of a topic. Depending on a proposal’s technical content, it may be acceptable as a case study. If a full paper is available, it may be acceptable as a technical paper. If a presentation by a group of related speakers is contemplated, a proposal for this session may be acceptable as a panel or forum. If a proposal for a half day or full day seminar is appropriate, it may be acceptable as a tutorial. If a one or two page technical writeup is available that describes work that is not yet completed, it may be acceptable as a works in progress. Finally, if your have an interest in a full day interactive dialogue, exchanging ideas, opinions and concerns between multiple presenters and attendees, consider being a workshop presenter.

For More Information see hyperlinks on http://www.asac.org

* For general conference information, see the menu at left

* For refereed papers information: see our paper submission page

* For technology blitz information: see our paper submission page

* For case studies information: see our case studies page

* For publicity information: contact the Publicity Chair

* For student paper/award information: see our student awards page

* For tutorial information: see our tutorial page

* For works in progress information: see our works in progress page

* For the issues workshop: see our issues workshop page

About the Sponsor

Applied Computer Security Associates (ACSA) had its genesis in the first Aerospace Computer Security Applications Conference in 1985. That conference was a success and evolved into the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). Several years ago the word “Aerospace” was dropped from the name to promote a wider range of government and commercial applications. ACSA was incorporated in 1987 as a non-profit association of computer security professionals who have a common goal of improving the understanding, theory, and practice of computer security. ACSA continues to be the primary sponsor of the annual conference.

In 1989, ACSA began the Distinguished Lecture Series at the annual conference. Each year, an outstanding computer security professional is invited to present a lecture of current topical interest to the security community. In 1991, ACSA began a Best-Paper by a Student Award, presented at the Annual conference. This award is intended to encourage active student participation in the annual conference. The award winning student author receives an honorarium and all expenses to the conference.

ACSA continues to be committed to serving the security community by finding additional approaches for encouraging and facilitating dialogue and technical interchange. ACSA is always interested in suggestions from interested professionals and computer security professional organizations on how to achieve these goals.

ACSAC is sponsored by Applied Computer Security Associates, a not-for-profit all-volunteer Maryland corporation. Our postal address is 2906 Covington Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910-1206.

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