Department of Linguistics Requirements

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Courses are not taught every semester so your plan of study should take this into account.

Area A. Core Courses

Area B. Recommended Courses

One of the following courses:

Area C. Elective Courses

Any two of the following courses:

Courses from at least three different graduate programs should be taken between Areas B and C. Other courses, often under variable numbers and offered on a one-time or occasional basis, may be of interest. Students are encouraged to bring those courses to the attention of those advisors, who may recommend these to other students and approve the substitution of these courses for some courses listed above.

Under the thesis option, the master’s thesis must be completed and defended in an oral examination administered by the Advisory Committee. Under the examination option, a 3-hour written examination is administered by the student’s Advisory Committee. This option is rarely employed and only in unusual circumstances.

* unless taken under Area A
† When content is appropriate
§ Note: May take one or the other of the following but not both:

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Requirement

All graduate students are required to complete the CITI RCR training module within 120 days of starting a graduate program and every five (5) years thereafter. More Information

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