The Software Vulnerabilities Testing Group is composed of currently four students and one faculty within the COAST Laboratory at Purdue University who are interested in methods of software security testing.

Purpose of the Group

The purpose of the group is to evaluate and develop methods of testing software efficiently that aims on discovering security relevant software flaws before the final product is deployed.

Near-Term Goals

Our first goal is to study and review the existing literature on software testing, which describes a wide range of techniques including mutation testing, slicing, test case coverage determination, etc. Many of the software testing techniques described in the literature are very expensive and time consuming. Therefore, we want to establish, which existing testing techniques are most effective for vulnerability detection, in order to provide software engineers guidelines for the selection of testing methods. Our second goal is to investigate the existing security flaws and earlier work on classification of software faults, we want to find or design a suitable classification scheme that we can use in our experiment later.


Members of the Group

The Vulnerabilities Testing Group is composed of the following COAST students and faculty:

COAST Vulnerabilities Testing Group