The Smart Card and Biometrics group is composed of a number of students and faculty within the COAST Laboratory at Purdue University who are interested in research dealing with smart card and biometrics devices.

Purpose of the Group

The purpose of the Smart Card and Biometrics group within COAST is to develop and standardize authentication methods with tokens such as smart cards and biometrics.

Near-Term Goals

Our first goal is to finish up a PC/SC-compliant smart card resource manager based on PKCS-11 and PKCS-15 specifications. This will be used in experiments later. Next the resource manager will be used to test and develop applications to create a higher level of secure authentication on different systems.


Members of the Group

The Smart Card and Biometrics group is composed of the following COAST students and faculty:

  • Gene Spafford, Director
  • Frederic Dumont, Visiting Scholar
  • David Corcoran, Student
  • Sofie Nystrom, Student