Academic Resources
  • Purdue library search tools
  • Conference Proceedings, most importantly:
    • Computer Security Institute, annual proceedings
    • National Information Systems Security Conference (NISSC), 1998-1990
  • Computer Security Institute, Buyer's Guide 1996, 1998?
  • Computer and Security journal
  • following the references in papers, authors' websites
  • Text books, most importantly:
    • "Information Security Policies Made Easy" by Charles Cresson Wood Ð A comprehensive set of information security policies: 30 pages of policy-making instructions, rest 450 pages are sample policies. (Purdue has one copy, ask Kevin/Stephanie)
    • Computer Security Handbook by Hutt, Bosworth, Hoyt.
    • The Ultimate Computer Security Survey: how to create a survey (a compilation of specific questions to ask)
Informal Channels
  • mailing lists
  • firewall wizard
  • back
  • Newsgroup searches: DejaNews
  • asking Spaf
Internet search engines Internal to Andersen

AC KX search tools: usually database by database, most interesting ones include
  • Technology Library (majority of the info)
  • eCommerce Aid R9.0
  • AC Client Experience