PrivBioMTAuth: Privacy Preserving Biometrics-Based and User Centric Protocol for User Authentication from Mobile Phones


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Hasini Gunasinghe, Elisa Bertino

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CERIAS TR 2017-4

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We introduce a privacy preserving biometrics-based authentication solution by which users can authenticate to different service providers from mobile phones without involving identity providers in the transactions. Authentication is performed via zero-knowledge proof of knowledge, based on a cryptographic identity token that encodes the biometric identifier of the user and a secret provided by the user, making it three-factor authentication. Our approach for generating a unique, repeatable and revocable biometric identifier from the user's biometric image is based on a machine learning based classification technique which involves the features extracted from the user's biometric image. We have implemented a prototype of the proposed authentication solution and evaluated our solution with respect to its performance, security and privacy. The evaluation has been performed on a public dataset of face images.




2017 – 11 – 15


Purdue University

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Biometrics, Authentication, Privacy


Purdue University


Purdue University, CERIAS

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