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The Impact of Mobile Network Forensics Evidence on the Criminal Case Processing Performance in Macedonia: An Institutional Analysis Study


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Filipo Sharevski

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CERIAS TR 2015-17

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The purpose of this study was to explore the contribution of the localization data, network-management data, and content-of-communication data in the case processing performance in Macedonia. The mobile network forensics evidence was analyzed respective to the impact of the mobile network data variety, the mobile network data volume, and the forensic processing on the case disposition time. The results from this study indicate that the case disposition time is negatively correlated with the network- management data volume and positively correlated with the content-of-communication data volume. The relevance of the network-management data was recognized in the highly granular service behavior profile developed using larger number of records, while the relevance of the content-of-communication data was recognized in the substantial number of excerpts of intercepted communication. The results also reveal a difference in the case processing time for the cases where there is only localization or network- management data versus when they are combined with the content-of-communication data.




2015 – 12 – 1


Purdue University

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