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Google 419, Part II

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I recently blogged about some unsolicited email I received from a recruiter at Google.  Much to my surprised, I was shortly thereafter contacted by two senior executives at Google (both of whom I know).  Each apologized for the contact I had received; one assured me he would put in a positive recommendation if I wanted that sys admin position. grin

I have been assured that there will be some re-examination made of how these contacts are made.  So, score one for my blog changing the world!  Or something like it.

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Google learning from the Nigerians?

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Today I received email from a address.  The sender said he had found me by doing a search on the WWW.  He indicated he hoped I wasn’t offended by his sending unsolicited email.  However, he had a great offer for me, one that I was uniquely qualified for, and then offered a couple of URLs.

Does that sound familiar?

My first thought was that it was a 419 scam (the usual “I am the son of the crown prince of Nigeria…” letters).  However, after checking out the mail headers and the enclosed URLs, it appears to be a (semi) legit letter from a Google recruiter.  He was asking if I was open to considering a new, exciting position with Google.

And what exciting new position does the Google recruiter think I’m ideally suited for?  Starting system administrator…..

And by the way, sending email to “” gets an automated response that states, in no uncertain terms, that Google never sends spam and that I should take my complaints elsewhere.

Gee, think this is a new career possibility for me?

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