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Drone Disrupted Denial of Service Attack (3DOS): Towards an Incident Response and Forensic Analysis of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPASs)


Primary Investigator:
Marcus Rogers

Project Members
Fahad Salamh, Dr. Umit Karabiyik , Dr. Marcus Rogers
According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the number of flying Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPASs), AKA drones, will increase rapidly. Challenges with drones not only concentrate on the security of these devices but also include criminal drone activity. Illegal drone operations are quickly growing, and criminals are continually developing new techniques and approaches. This research focuses on responding to criminal activity related to drones and examines some possible anti-forensic methods that criminals could use to alter digital evidence. The authors propose a forensic framework consisting of ten technical phases of analysis for UAV forensic artifacts that can reduce the complexity of the investigation. Furthermore, the authors explore the availability and value of digital evidence that would allow a more practical digital investigation to be able to build an evidence-based experience. Therefore, researchers focus on developing a technical drone investigation process that can be applied to several types of drones.