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Blockhub: Blockchain-based Data Communication System with Leakage Prevention and Detection


Primary Investigator:
Bharat Bhargava

Project Members
Denis Ulybyshev, Miguel Villarreal-Vasquez, Kevin Kochpatcharin, Albert Yu, Bharat Bhargava, Paul Conoval, Jason Kobes
We present a solution to provide data protection in transit and at rest, that can work in blockchain networks. Solution is based on using Extended Attribute-Aware Active Bundle (EA3B), which is a self-protected structure that contains key-value pairs with encrypted values, access control policies, policy and attribute enforcement engine. EA3B supports fine-grained role-based and attribute-based access control in Service Oriented Architectures. EA3B ensures that every service can access only those data subsets from EA3B for which the service is authorized, based on evaluation of access control policies and attributes, such as trust level and level of web browser's security. This approach provides secure data communications in both centralized and decentralized peer-to-peer service architectures, including blockchain networks. EA3B enables detecting data leakages that can be made by malicious authorized nodes of blockchain network behind the scene to unauthorized entities outside of blockchain network. Integrating EA3B with blockchain platform, such as IBM Hyperledger Fabric, ensures integrity of provenance data, which is essential to investigate data leakage incidents, and allows to verify any data transaction at any time in the future