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Content Distribution and UAV Assistance in Vehicular Network [8FA-57E]


Primary Investigator:
Shaoshuai Mou

Project Members
Jingqiu Zhou, Jiazhi Song
Vehicular network has draw a significant amount of research interests in recent years. Various applications of vehicular networks heavily depend on the capability of efficiently and quickly delivering important contents to all vehicles in the network. Due to the mobility of vehicle, unreliability of communications and security constraints, it is quite challenging for a vehicle to complete a full download of large content files from base stations.  Based on the recently developed network coding, we developed a distributed algorithm which can deliver large content exponentially fast by coordination among nodes in a mobile network. The algorithm only requires memory low enough to store one row of linear equations. Vehicular network also relies heavily on sensors and communications to provide guidance for reducing accidents. To enhance the capability of sensing and robustness of communication, we propose introducing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the vehicular network.