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Digital Security Breaches: Arming Crisis Organizations with New Insights


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Research Independant

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Kelley Misata
Violence against women is a crime that affects people around the world. Thankfully there are organizations chartered to provide services these victims in for the form of information, emotional support, access to other service providers and much more. However, both victims of violence and the organizations committed to helping them are navigating new benefits, challenges, and risks with the constant influx of advanced technologies into daily life. For some crisis organizations technical jargon, device construction, vulnerabilities, and other digital related topics may be overwhelming, never mind addressing potential digital security breaches. However, as victims of violence continue to increase, and more crisis organizations appear on the scene to help them, academics and security professionals need to rise to the task of helping these organizations understand the risk to a digital security breach they are accepting when using advanced technologies and the Internet. To begin this process, this research will look at relevant digital security breaches, vulnerabilities in the existing crisis organization environment, and another factor with the goal of providing recommendations for digital security strategy.

Our annual information security symposium will take place on April 3rd and 4th, 2018.
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN