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The need for responsible use of information and computing/networking systems threads through business processes, research endeavors, and our daily lives. Departments across Purdue offer classes that address information security, privacy, and risk management topics from various perspectives.

The first group of courses listed below focus on information security topics specifically. The second group of courses may be considered complementary, in that they address areas of risk management (e.g., physical security and auditing), data collection and transmission, or legal/regulatory practices and records management (which have an information component).

Information Security Courses
Computer Sciences
CS 426

Computer Security

CS 478 Introduction to Bioinformatics
CS 526

Information Security

CS 555


CS 591S Information Security and Cybercrime Seminar
Computer and Information Technology
C&IT455 Network Security
C&IT 499F Introduction to Computer Forensics
C&IT 581A Advanced Topics in Cyberforensics
C&IT 581B Biometric Data Analysis (MAYMESTER '06)
C&IT 581V Special Topics in Cyberforensics (Fall '06)
Homeland Security
ASM 591A Foundations in Homeland Security Studies
MGMT 642 Security Analysis
MGMT 690D Information Security for Managers
Computer & Information Technology (IUPUI)
Computer Information Systems & Information Technology (Purdue Calumet)
Complementary Courses
Agricultural Economics
AGEC 685 Risk Analysis & Management
Agricultural Systems Management
ASM 591S Agro-Security Issues
Aviation Technology
AT 381 Aviation Security
AT 381P Aviation Security (Distance Learning)
AT 581A Security Information Collection and Analysis
AT 581B Contemporary Issues in Transportation Security
Computer Graphics Technology
CGT 581B The Business of E-Commerce
Consumer Sciences & Retailing
CSR 386 Risk Management
Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 570

Artificial Intelligence

Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
ECET 309 Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers
ECET 374 Digital Telecommunications
ECET 581S Selected Topics in Sensor Networking
ENGL 628 Natural Language Processing
ENTM 218 Introduction to Forensic Science
ENTM 295T Forensic Entomology & Botany
Forestry & Natural Resources
FNR 357 Fundamental Remote Sensing
Health Science
HSCI 218 Introduction to Forensic Science
LING 689N Natural Language Processing
MGMT 413 Advanced Corporate Financial Management
MGMT 415 International Financial Management
MGMT 455 Legal Background for Business I
MGMT 456 Legal Foundations for Business II
MGMT 458 The Regulatory Process, Consumerism, and Public Policy
MGMT 482 Management Information Systems
MGMT 490E Technology Strategy
MGMT 561 Logistics
MGMT 642 Security Analysis
MGMT 691W Technology Strategy
NUR 110 Nursing Informatics
SOC 419 Sociology of Law