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Cyber Attacks on Avionics Networks in Digital Twin Environment: Detection and Defense


Primary Investigator:
Mark Daniel Ward

Project Members
Paschal Amusuo, Lekhana Balusu (TA), Brandon Chang, Austin Chou, Adam Frank, Tianyu Gai, Duncan Isbister, Yury A. Kuleshov, Virat Lakkoju, Andrew Li, Grayson Martis, Kabir Nagpal, Ashwin Prasad
The discussion of cyber attack vectors specific to avionics networks is limited within academia. Purdue Data Mine collaborated with the Boeing Company to create a class, which would expand the learning process and outcomes of a traditional computer and/or data science classroom by adding the aviation component as a target for cyber attacks. The students created a digital twin of the three avionics domains, brainstormed possible attack vectors, simulated select attacks, and developed defenses against those attacks. The research demonstrated the potential of synergetic classes for the development of new approaches to the cyber security problems in aviation.