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Combating Caller ID Spoofing on 4G Phones Via CEIVE


Primary Investigator:
Chunyi Peng

Project Members
Haotian Deng; Chunyi Peng
In this project, we propose CEIVE (Callee-only inference and verification), an effective and practical defence against caller ID spoofing. It is a victim callee only solution without requiring additional infrastructure support or changes on telephony systems. We formulate the design as an inference and verification problem. Given an incoming call, CEIVE leverages a callback session and its associated call signalling observed at the phone to infer the call state of the other party. It further compares with the anticipated call state, thus quickly verifying whether the incoming call comes from the originating number. We exploit the standardized call signalling messages to extract useful features, and devise call-specific verification and learning to handle diversity and extensibility. We implement CEIVE on Android phones and test it with all top four US mobile carriers, one landline and two small carriers. It shows 100% accuracy in almost all tested spoofing scenarios except one special, targeted attack case.