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Cyber Human Ecosystem of Engaged Security Education


Primary Investigator:
Baijian Yang

Project Members
Xiang Liu, Rajesh Kalyanam, Cragi Willis
With the pervasiveness of digital technology in most aspects of modern life, cybersecurity is now at the forefront of national discussion. The CHEESE project will develop a community-driven cybersecurity learning and research platform to educate both the current and future IT workforce. Specifically, CHEESE will develop and deploy a platform for hosting containerized demonstrations of cybersecurity concepts based on the NDS Labs Workbench framework. Containerization primarily affords effective isolation of the vulnerabilities and exploit tools that are necessary to demonstrate cybersecurity flaws and their solutions. However, containerization also enables the exploitation of economies of scale when seeking to support a broad and growing user community. The CHEESE project will work with high school teachers, students, undergraduate and graduate students as well as cybersecurity practitioners to validate, request, contribute and extend the platform. Cloud computing resources will be used to experiment with the reproducibility and ease of installation of the platform as well as its scalability. In addition, training sessions and usability studies will be conducted with our initial user and contributor pool.