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PULSAR: Purdue Live Security Analyzer for High-Performance Research Network


Primary Investigator:
Sonia Fahmy

Project Members
Nathan DeMien, Lauren Featherstun, Callum Gundlach, Jacob Sharp , Shivam Trivedi, Brian Werts, Ida Ngambeki, Lev Gorenstein, Erik Gough, Preston Smith, Xiao Zhu, Sonia Fahmy
As more disciplines leverage computational and data-driven modeling, the security of campus cyberinfrastructure is becoming increasingly important in order to protect intellectual property and secure a competitive advantage for researchers. Funded by the NSF Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (CICI) program, the Purdue Live Security Analyzer (PULSAR) project aims to enhance the cybersecurity of Purdue’s campus cyberinfrastructure by developing a cyber attack detection and response capability for the Purdue campus research network. Goals of the project include enabling domain scientists to conduct research with heightened security requirements, and supporting cybersecurity education by engaging undergraduate students in the deployment and operation of advanced cyberinfrastructure. The implementation of PULSAR was led by a team of Purdue undergraduate students alongside mentors from ITaP Security and Policy and Research Computing.