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The Effects of Online Anxiety on Cyber-Hygiene


Primary Investigator:
Ida Ngambeki

Project Members
Tatyana Tsyganyuk, Sunjae Choi, Subia Ansari, Priyanka Tiwari, Ida Ngambeki
Vast resources have been dedicated to developing human expertise in cybersecurity, primarily targeting individuals at the expert and advanced competency levels. However, preliminary studies suggest that the few attempts to raise cybersecurity awareness and promote cybersecure behavior at the novice and fundamental levels of competence (i.e. among lay people) have been met with little success in changing behavior. This may be due to computer or online anxiety. Studies suggest that 60-75% of people experience medium to high levels of computer anxiety. This lack of confidence holds them back from learning about basic cybersecurity behavior. This study examines how feelings of online anxiety affect individuals' behavior in regards to cyberhygiene.