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Password Training Using Crowdsourcing Methods: Results from a One-Year Follow-Up


Primary Investigator:
Robert Proctor

Project Members
Isis Chong, Robert W. Proctor, Ninghui Li, and Jeremiah Blocki
Past password research efforts have been centered around training users on how to use mnemonic strategies using crowdsourcing methods. Although crowdsourcing allows researchers to quickly collect large amounts of data from a diverse pool of participants, it is common for individuals to participate in multiple studies. Given the differences that might exist between participants with prior password training experience (Experienced) and those without this training (Naïve), this study sought to determine the impact of password training on self-reported password knowledge and behaviors following a one-year delay in Experienced and Naïve samples. Results suggest that a majority of participants are unable to recall having participated in a previous password-related study and are at chance in recalling the specific mnemonic strategy on which they were trained. Considerations for future work will be discussed.