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Permissions Displays for Android apps [8AC-0A8]


Primary Investigator:
Robert Proctor

Project Members
Scott Moore, Huangyi Ge, Dr. Robert Proctor, Dr. Ninghui Li
Smart mobile devices have become very common but there are risks associated with using these devices. Android has developed different methods for communicating risk information to the user. This research contributes to effective risk communication for mobile devices. We administered a survey to participants asking them to do a rating task on 16 statements regarding Android 5.0, Android 6.0, and a general comparison between the two. Users indicated that they want more control over which permissions gain access to their phone, but they seldom use that control when given the opportunity. Users were more knowledgeable about the features of Android 6.0, and Android 6.0 was more intuitive by comparison. Open-ended user comments revealed that people frequently do not read permissions, or they use alternative methods to decide whether to accept the risk of downloading an app. A follow-up study is currently being conducted to test the survey’s results in an experimental setting, specifically the likability and effectiveness of each version.