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Data Leakage Detection and Privacy [3F3-7F3]


Primary Investigator:
Bharat Bhargava

Project Members
Denis Ulybyshev, Bharat Bhargava, Aala Alsalem, Mai Elkady
Processes in service-oriented architecture (SOA) can interact and share data among each other, including processes from untrusted environments. Databases, associated with services (or processes), can be hosted by an untrusted cloud providers. Cloud platforms are vulnerable to large attack surface that could violate privacy of stored data shared with web services. Data owner needs to be sure that each service can access only those fragments of a database for which the service is authorized. Data privacy can be threatened by accidental data diffusion or intentional malicious data disclosures, including ones caused by collaborative attacks on the network. Data leakages made by authorized insiders to unauthorized services need to be detected. In addition, encrypted search over encrypted database of data records needs to be supported.