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INSuRE Training Course Effect on Students' Research Self-efficacy [0DC-C8F]


Primary Investigator:
Melissa Dark

Project Members
Rylan Chong, Dr. Melissa Dark, Dr. John Springer
This pilot study investigated the effect of the Information Security Research and Education (INSuRE) course on students’ research self-efficacy. Unlike traditional courses, students in the INSuRE course worked on real unclassified government cybersecurity research problems with a team, a mentor, and a network of experts. This pilot study included 17 college students from eight Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research (CAE-R) universities that responded to pre- and post-surveys that measured their research self-efficacy using a 100-point Likert scale. A nonparametric Wilcoxon Test was used, and found both male and female students’ research self-efficacy improved.