CERIAS 2019 19th Annual Security Symposium

Join us for the 20th Annual CERIAS Security Symposium as we examine the current state and emerging trends in information assurance and security; and share some of the breaking research addressing the new landscape. Topical keynotes from government and industry, and in-depth panel discussions addressing current trends and needs, will highlight the two-day event. CERIAS research will be highlighted in faculty technical talks and poster sessions.


Day 1 Keynote

Ray Rothrock, Chairman and CEO, RedSeal, Inc. “Digital Resilience: Is Your Organization Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?”

Day 1 - Panel 1

Panel Discussion #1 - “Securing Giant Leaps in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Automation”

Moderator - Jennifer Neville, Miller Family Chair & Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics, Purdue University

  • Sanjai Narain, Chief Scientist, Perspecta Labs
  • Ashish Kundu, Master Inventor & Reseach Scientist, IBM Research
  • Paul Conoval, Chief Technologist, Director Technology Investments, Northrop Grumman
  • Chris Clifton, Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University


Day 1: CERIAS Tech Talk - Umit Karabiyik, Purdue University

Umit Karabiyik, Assistant Professor of Computer & Information Technology, Purdue University, “Targeted Data Extraction System for Mobile Devices”

Day 1: CERIAS Industry Talk - Baiju Patel, Intel

Baiju Patel, Research Fellow, Intel, “Lessons from designing Security ISA over 20 years”

Day 1: Panel 2

“Securing Giant Leaps Toward a Sustainable Economy and Planet”
Moderator - Rosalee Clawson, Professor of Political Science and Interim Director, Purdue Policy Research Institute, Purdue University

  • Hany Abdel-Khalik, Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University
  • Simon Hunt, EVP, Cybersecurity Product Innovation, Mastercard
  • Steve Chapin, Lead CyberSecurity Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Labs
  • John Sutherland, Professor and Fehsenfeld Family Head of Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University


Day 2: CERIAS Tech Talk - Aniket Kate, Purdue University

Aniket Kate, Assistant Professor, Purdue University “GDPR Privacy vs. Blockchain Transparency—Is it really technology against the law?”

Day 2 Keynote

Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency, retired US Air Force Brigadier General, currently serving as the Looker Distinguished Visiting Professor of Cyber Studies at the United States Naval Academy, “Security in the Age of Cyber - Let’s Just do it!”

Day 2: CERIAS Awards

Ken Patel, Sandia National Laboratories - Pillar of CERIAS award
Dennis Ulybyshev - Diamond Award

Day 2: Panel 3

“Securing Giant Leaps in Space Exploration”
Moderator - Daniel DeLaurentis, Director- Institute for Global Security and Defense Innovation (i-GSDI) and Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University

  • Barrett Caldwell, Professor of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
  • Dahlon Chu, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Carolin Frueh, Assistant Professor of Astronautics and Aeronautics, Purdue University
  • Cliff Macklin, Engineering Fellow, Raytheon

Day 2: CERIAS Tech Talk - Peter Bermel, Purdue University

Video to be Available Soon

Peter Bermel, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University “Potential Failure Modes and Mitigation Strategies for Trusted Electronics”

Day 2: CERIAS Industry Talk - Rob hale, Lockheed Martin

Rob Hale, Fellow, Lockheed Martin, “Cyber Security, AI, and Autonomy—Challenges and Opportunities”

Day 2: Panel 4

“Securing Giant Leaps in Health, Longevity, and Quality of Life”

Moderator - David Ebert, Interim Director, CERIAS

  • George Bailey, Senior Advisor-Health IT Security, Purdue Healthcare Advisors
  • Vijay Raghunathan, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Purdue University
  • Chris Reed, Director of Product Cybersecurity, Eli Lilly
  • Jim Routh, Chief Security Officer, CVS Health

Day 2: Closing Keynote

Jim Routh, Chief Security Officer, CVS Health, “The Rise of Unconventional Security Controls”

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