CERIAS 2018 19th Annual Information Security Symposium

Join us for the 19th Annual CERIAS Security Symposium as we examine the current state and emerging trends in information assurance and security; and share some of the breaking research addressing the new landscape. Topical keynotes from government and industry, and in-depth panel discussions addressing current trends and needs, will highlight the two-day event. CERIAS research will be highlighted in faculty technical talks and poster sessions.


Day 1 - Welcome

Joel Rasmus - Managing Director, CERIAS

Day 1 - Keynote

Keynote - “The Cloud, IOT and Critical Infrastructure: It’s Not Too Late for ‘The Cyber”
Mark Weatherford - Sr. Vice President & Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at vArmour

Day 1 - Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat - “Where We’ve Been – The Spirit of Cybersecurity Past”

Moderator - Eugene Spafford, CERIAS Executive Director Emeritus & Professor of Computer Sciences

Carter Bullard - President & Chief Technology Officer, QoSient, LLC

Dickie George - Senior Advisor for Cyber Security The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab

William Malik - Vice President, Infrastructure Strategies, Trend Micro

Day 1 - TechTalk

CERIAS Tech Talk - “Human Biases Meet Cybersecurity of Embedded and Networked Systems”
Professor Saurabh Bagchi and Professor Shreyas Sundaram

Day 1 - TechTalk

CERIAS Tech Talk - “Developing a Public/Private Cybersecurity Scorecard for the State of Indiana”
Professor Eric Dietz and Jim Lerums

Day 1 - Fireside Chat

Featured Speaker - Michelle Dennedy - Vice President & Chief Privacy Officer, Cisco

Fireside Chat - “The On-Going Tensions Between Security and Privacy”
Moderator - Michelle Dennedy

Chris Clifton - Professor, Computer Sciences, Purdue University

Sam Curry - Chief Security Officer, Cybereason

Amy Hess - Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Stephen Reynolds - Attorney, Ice Miller

CERIAS 20th Anniversary Reception

Professor Eugene Spafford
Executive Director Emeritus, CERIAS

Day 2 - CERIAS Awards

Jerry Haan, CERIAS Manager of Corporate Relations
Dongyan Xu, CERIAS Interim Director, Professor of Computer Sciences

Day 2 Keynote

Day 2 Keynote - “Managing Risks in the Cyber Battle Space”
Mark Spangler - Director, NRO Cyber Security Operations Center, U.S. National Reconnaissance Office

Mark Loepker

“Cyber Center for Education and Innovation, Home of the National Cryptologic Museum – a National collaboration in K-20 cyber education”
Mark Loepker
Senior Advisor, National Cryptologic Museum

Day 2 - Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat - “The State of Cybersecurity Education – Can Our Educational System Produce the Quantity and Quality of Graduates Needed to Meet Labor Demand?”

Moderator - Melissa Dark, W.C. Furnas Professor, Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Diana Burley - Associate Dean, Research and External Relations (Interim), Graduate School of Education and Human Development, The George Washington University

Neal Ziring - Technical Director, U.S. National Security Agency

Tim Sewell - Senior Advisor & Security Architect, Eli Lilly

CERIAS Program Talk

CERIAS Program Talk Indiana Cybersecurity Initiatives
Chetrice Mosley, Cybersecurity Program Director,  Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Doug Rapp, President, Cyber Leadership Alliance


CERIAS Tech Talk: “Blockchains: A Technical Perspective on the Future of Decentralization”
Aniket Kate - Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


CERIAS Tech Talk:“Online Adversarial Learning of Nuclear Reactor Dynamical State”
Hany Abdel-Khalik, Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University

Day 2 - Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat - “What’s Ahead – The Spirit of Cybersecurity Yet to Come”

Moderator - Eugene Spafford

Deborah Frincke - NSA/CSS Director of Research, National Security Agency

Mark Graff - CEO, Tellegraff LLC

John Johnson - CEO/Chief Security Strategist, Aligned Security

Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote - “Bits & Bytes, Flesh & Blood, and Adapting for the Next 20 Years”
Josh Corman - Chief Security Officer, SVP at PTC

2018 Award Winners

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