CERIAS 2016 17th Annual Information Security Symposium

Join us for the 17th Annual CERIAS Security Symposium as we examine the current state and emerging trends in information assurance and security; and share some of the breaking research addressing the new landscape. Topical keynotes from government and industry, and in-depth panel discussions addressing current trends and needs, will highlight the two-day event. CERIAS research will be highlighted in faculty technical talks and poster sessions.

CERIAS 2016 - 17th Annual Information Security Symposium April 19 - 20


Richard (Dickie) George, “The Role of the NSA in the Development of DES”

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Invited Talk, Richard (Dickie) George - Sr. Advisor for Cyber Security, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Sponsored by the CERIAS Student Association.

CERIAS TechTalk: IEEE Try-CybSI: a Collaborative and Interactive Platform for Cybersecurity Learning

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Baijian (Justin) Yang - Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology Purdue University

CERIAS TechTalk: Automatically Recovering Human-Understandable Evidence from Memory Images

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Brendan Saltaformaggio - Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science Purdue University

Life as a Target

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Richard (Dickie) George - Sr. Advisor for Cyber Security, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

CERIAS TechTalk: nesCheck: Memory Safety for Embedded Devices

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Daniele Midi, Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science - Purdue University

CERIAS TechTalk: Information Security: Through the Lens of Crisis Organizations

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Kelley Misata, Ph.D. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Information Security Purdue University

Opening Keynote - Challenges and Opportunities in the Federal Cybersecurity R&D Strategic Plan

Dr. Gregory Shannon, Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Strategy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Security & International Affairs

Panel #1: When Cyber Meets Physical

  • Abe Clements, Senior Member, Technical Staff Sandia National Labs
  • Dr. Chris Foreman, Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology Purdue University
  • Dr. Makarand (Mark) Hastak, Professor and Head of the Division of Construction Engineering and Management, Civil Engineering Purdue University
  • David Lawrence, Technology Development Manager Duke Energy


Panel #2: The State of Software Security

  • Noel Ellis (Eli) Johnson, Sr. Principal Systems Security Engineer Raytheon
  • Wade Kastorff, Director, Commercial Cyber Security Services SRC
  • Sam Kerr Development Lead Arxan Technologies
  • Dr. Mathias Payer, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Purdue University

Panel #3: Securing the Internet of ...

  • Douglas J. Gardner Chief Technologist Sypris Electronics, LLC
  • Dr. Vijay Raghunathan, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Purdue University
  • Mat Gangwer, Information Security Advocate and CTO Rook Security
  • Tim Grance, Senior Computer Scientist NIST

CERIAS TechTalk: Operational Dependencies and Cybersecurity in Complex Systems

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Cesare Guariniello, Ph.D. Candidate, Astro-Aero Engineering Purdue University

2016 Annual Symposium Awards

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Eugene Spafford


2016 Award Winners

  • Pillar of CERIAS: Elisa Bertino - Purdue University
  • Diamond Award: Cesare Guariniello
  • Poster Awards
    • 1st Place: "ErsatzPasswords - Ending Password Cracking" - Christopher Gutierrez, Mohammed H. Almeshekah, Eugene H. Spafford, Mikhail J. Atallah, Jeff Avery
    • 2nd Place: "Symbol-Based Visual Cryptographic Authentication Mechanisms: Attacks and New Constructions" - Huangyi Ge, Tianhao Wang, Omar Chowdhury, Hemanta Maji, Ninghui Li
    • 3rd Place: "Deceptive Memory Systems – Countering Anti-Forensics with Deception" - Christopher N. Gutierrez, Eugene Spafford, Saurabh Bagchi

Posters & Presentations 2016