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The faculty currently involved are Mikhail Atallah, Saurabh Bagchi, and Gene Spafford; Professor Spafford is the director of the project. Current grad student is Chris Gutierrez. We also have one undergrad helping us with the project: Thomas James Yurek.

Christopher Gutierrez will work as a Security Solutions Research Scientist at Intel upon graduation.

Mohammed Almeshekah has completed his PhD and left Purdue to take a faculty position at King Saud University. His PhD dissertation, Using Deception to Enhance Security: A Taxonomy, Model, and Novel Uses, is available online in the CERIAS library.

Jeff Avery has finished his PhD and accepted a full-time position post graduation as a Software Engineer in the Future Technical Leaders program at Northrop Grumman. His PhD dissertation, The Application of Deception to Software Security Patching is available online in the CERIAS library.

We are interested in collaboration with others, at Purdue University or elsewhere. Please contact us for details.


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