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COPYRIGHT: Purdue University asserts copyright © (1994, 1995) on the collection and organization of files in this archive. You may not copy this archive or collection, without our written permission, for use on a CD-ROM, disk, tape, or other distribution for which a fee is charged. Contact for details. Further note that all of the items in this collection are copyrighted by their authors, and many packages contain specific copyright notices when unpacked. You are expected to look for, read, and adhere to such notices when present.

EXPORT CONTROL: Furthermore, for users who are outside the United States, please be aware of the restrictions imposed by U.S. ITAR regulations. DO NOT download files which fall under these regulations if you are outside the United States! (Read our full notice if you have an questions about this policy.)


The Security Archive maintained by the COAST Group in the Department of Computer Sciences at Purdue University is possibly the largest repository of security related information on the Internet. We have provided this initial Web page to allow you to browse and search the archive.

Browsing and Searching

The archive can be accessed using a variety of mechanisms:
  • Searched through our WWW interface. Choose from the Subject Index or Author Index. Please Note: The WWW index classifies only a small subset of the papers, tools and authors in the archive.
  • Browsing using ftp. Most complete!
  • Searched through a variety of other mechanisms.

Design of the archive

An archive such as this one does not spring into existence overnight. The present format and layout has evolved over the course of 5 years since its initial conception. In this time we have come across problems that were not anticipated at the outset. These necessitated building special tools to keep our archive intact and up-to-date. We place information pertinent to the technical side of maintaining the archive on our project page.
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