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This notice references certain program source code in this archive that may be subject to United States regulations concerning distribution outside of the United States or transfer to a "non US entity" (e.g., non-citizen or permanent resident). U.S. ITAR regulations restrict the export of programs containing implementation of data encryption and other algorithms; an export license from the U.S. State Department may be required for any such software. It is the legal obligation of each individual who accesses this archive to comply with those U.S. State Department regulations that govern the transfer of software products designed to meet military specifications.

Although the maintainers of this archive believe the regulations involved to be incredibly stupid, largely unenforceable, and probably in violation of the U.S. First Amendment, we also aren't interested in being a "test case." As such, we have avoided including some restricted code in this archive. In those places where you might have otherwise found such code (such as PGP and RIPEM), we have placed a pointer reference to another archive in the README file. (If you are interested in more details about export control policies, we suggest the archive maintained by John Gilmore.)

If you find some code that may be restricted under ITAR regulations, we ask that you not transfer it outside the United States from our archive. This includes any cryptographic code, especially DES.

Given the nature of the software and documents made available here we hereby note that all software in this archive, with the exception of that mentioned above that may contain ITAR controlled content, is being made available for general access under general technical data available (GTDA) as provided for under U.S. export regulations.

COPYRIGHT:Also note Purdue University asserts copyright © (1994, 1995) on the collection and organization of files in this archive. You may not copy this archive or collection, without our written permission, for use on a CD-ROM, disk, tape, or other distribution for which a fee is charged. Contact for details. Further note that all of the items in this collection are copyrighted by their authors, and many packages contain specific copyright notices when unpacked. You are expected to look for, read, and adhere to such notices when present.

Because of the volume of material and the volatility of some of it, we cannot screen everything entered in this archive. Purdue University provides this data "as is," with no expressed or implied warranty. All transfer and use is at your own risk. (But we still hope you find it useful!)

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