Faculty participants (i.e. faculty who participate as "students" in the program) must be tenured or tenure-track at an institution receiving accreditation by an appropriate regional accrediting body. Faculty should be from the following departments: computer sciences, computer technology, information technology, mathematics, computer engineering, information science, statistics, and/or physics. This program is closed to non-faculty applicants. Therefore, students who are currently admitted to a degree program will NOT be eligible to earn a certificate. U.S. citizenship required per program sponsor.

Other Admission Considerations

Preference will be given to: Faculty members whose home institutions demonstrate support for course development. Such support may include, but is not limited to a) summer salary support for the participating faculty member, b) course buyout to afford the faculty member paid time to develop additional materials and courses, and so on. Such support should be evident in the application package through Letters of Support. Pairs of faculty from a single institution. Faculty with demonstrated experience in developing new and innovative units of study, courses, and degree programs/specializations. Faculty from institutions with an identified need to integrate additional information assurance and security units, courses, etc., into the curriculum.