The Information Assurance Education Graduate Certificate Program (IAEGCP) is a faculty development effort funded by the National Security Agency. The purpose of the IAEGCP is to provide computer science, computer technology, and related faculty with a strong foundation in information assurance and security in order to ultimately increase the number of IAS professionals graduating from our nation's colleges and universities. The IAEGCP is composed of two tracks: A computer technology track and a computer science track. Participants of the computer science track will take 9 credit hours in computer science courses and 2 credit hours in curriculum and instruction courses, whereas participants in the computer technology track will take 6 credit hours in computer technology, 3 credit hours in computer science, and 2 credit hours in curriculum and instruction; all courses are taught by information assurance experts.

The IAEGCP is an intensive 8-week program on the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. Participation is selective and support is available for qualified applicants. Because of the rigorous nature of the program, participants will be expected to do independent reading before arrival on campus. Use this website to learn more about the IAEGCP.




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