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Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security

Algorithmic and Graph-Theoretic Approaches to Optimal Sensor Placement in Complex Dynamical Systems

Principal Investigator: Shreyas Sundaram

Modern technology has led to the creation of new types of sensors that provide system operators with unique abilities to monitor or estimate the state of large-scale complex systems. Once sensors are in place, state estimates can be obtained by analyzing data gathered from the deployed sensors together with mathematical models of the system. However, as systems increase in scale and complexity, the deployment of sensors for high quality state estimation remains a bottleneck in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from microprocessors to power distribution networks and societal-scale Internet-of-Things. This project supports the creation of new sensor placement (deployment) algorithms with rigorous performance guarantees. The research will produce a new understanding of the fundamental limitations and achievable performance of sensor placement algorithms, and formulate efficient placement algorithms that perform well in the presence of sensor faults and external attacks.


Students: Lintao Ye, Nathaniel Woodford, Aritra Mitra

Representative Publications

Keywords: optimization, resilient monitoring, Sensor placement, sensor selection, system monitoring