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Thomas E. Daniels

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CERIAS TR 2002-31

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Daniels, Thomas E., Ph.D., Purdue University, December, 2002. Reference Models for the Concealment and Observation of Origin Identity in Store-and-Forward Networks. Major Professor: Eugene H. Spafford. Past work on determining the origin of network traffc has been done in a case- specific manner. This has resulted in a number of specific works while yielding little general understanding of the mechanisms used for expression, concealment, and observation of origin identity. This dissertation addresses this state of affairs by presenting a reference model of how the originator identity of network data elements are concealed and observed. The result is a model that is useful for representing origin concealment and identification scenarios and reasoning about their properties. From the model, we have determined several mutually sucient conditions for passively determining the origin of traffic. Based on these conditions, we have developed two new origin identification algorithms for constrained network topologies.




Purdue University


PhD Thesis

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