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Upcoming Presentations

NOTE: These are outdated. Refer to the meeting page for the presentation descriptions and links.

Previous Presentations

Proposed Presentation Topics

  • Dealing with the Influx of Malware in Today's Computing Environment
  • Malware Analysis - How to do it and what tools do people use
  • Information in the Public Sector and Data Handling Guidelines
  • Common Guidelines for Firewall Access List Implementation
  • Virus scanners and their validity today
  • Applications that all security professionals should know about
  • Balancing physical security concerns in an open environment
  • Steps to dealing to a suspected computer breach
  • Computer forensic need-to-knows
  • Using a vulnerability scanner on your network
  • User outreach - what works, what doesn't work
  • Data Loss Prevention - it's not just a software solution
  • Physical Security - Where is Purdue lacking and ideas on how we can convince the powers that be that it is important to implement some changes
  • Certification and Professional Development - Certifications and training/conferences available for InfoSec and their merits, or lack of. What have people attended that other might be interested in?