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The tools used to build and maintain the archive are both extensive and varied. They allow us to check for daily inconsistencies and then fix any problems that might arise.

Each tool is either a PERL script or a simple shell script that performs one specific function. All the tools report to standard output - we use this go generate the nightly reports.

All the tools are stored in a archive-administrator's bin directory. Currently this is .../ftp-admin/bin.

The tools can be broken down into the following catagories:

ToolsTools for manipulating the archive index.

key_find Search for information in the indexes.
pindex Process the index files and WWW pages.
process_index Part of the index processing.
update_abstracts Updates human readable abstracts from the index.
abstract_file_size Updates the abstracts with file size information.
index_file_size Update the human readable indexes with file size information.
extract_www Build WWW pages for browsing.

ToolsTools for manipulating the Authors Database.

authprint Print information about an author.
authadd Add an author to the authors database.

ToolsTools for integrity and structure.

mirror Program to update the archive data contents.
fixperms Ensures correct file permissions on all files.
fix_dir_tree Performs sanity checks on a directory tree.
symlink_check Performs sanity checks on symbolic links.
log_anal Analyses logs of traffic.
xferstats Analyses transfer statistics.

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