2023 CERIAS Annual Security Symposium Agenda

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Last Updated: 04/19/2023

Time Event Room

Saturday, March 25th

01:00pm Pre-symposium Student Event: CyberFire Capture the Flag Challenge.
A free virtual event sponsored by Dept. of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 1pm-7pm See: 2023_CERIAS_LLNL_cyberfire_flyer.pdf for details. Register at: https://ceri.as/cyberfire.

Tuesday, March 28th

08:00am Registration: Coffee, Networking, & Info Fair (all day) STEW 218
08:30am Welcome from CERIAS Director - Dr. Dongyan Xu STEW 214
08:45am Opening Comments - Dr. Karen Plaut, Executive Vice President for Research, Purdue University STEW 214
09:00am Guest Speakers
  • Herbert J. Stapleton, Special Agent in Charge, FBI
  • Jeff Miller, Special Agent, FBI
STEW 214
10:00am Networking Break STEW 214
10:15am Panel Discussion: Industry-Academia Cybersecurity Engagement
  • Moderator: Shawn Huddy, Senior Manager for Strategic Partnerships, CERIAS, Purdue University
  • Richard Cardwell, Vice President - Head of Cloud, Infrastructure, and Cyber Security Services North America, Infosys
  • Michael Gahn, Chief of Technology, Product Cybersecurity, Rolls-Royce
  • Kristyn Looney, Assistant General Counsel, Corporate Legal Services, Indiana University Health
  • Aaron Pierce, CEO, Pierce Aerospace
STEW 214
11:15am Cybersecurity Engagement Lighting Talk - Mitch Kajzer, Managing Director, Cybercrimes Investigations, Research, and Education Initiative (CIRE), University of Notre Dame STEW 214
11:25am Cybersecurity Engagement Lighting Talk - Purdue University, Joel Rasmus Managing, Director, CERIAS STEW 214
11:35am Cybersecurity Engagement Lighting Talk - Dr. Feng Li, Chair of the Department of Computer Information and Graphics Technology, IUPUI STEW 214
11:45am Cybersecurity Engagement Lighting Talk - Dr. Scott Shackelford, Professor of Business Law & Ethics, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University STEW 214
12:00pm Governor's Executive Council on Cybersecurity Report - Chetrice Mosley-Romero, Indiana Cybersecurity Program Director STEW 214
12:30pm Lunch Break PMU
02:00pm 20th Anniversary of the Grand Challenges in Trustworthy Computing Report - (Report PDF)
  • Moderator: Dr. Eugene Spafford, Executive Director Emeritus & Founder, CERIAS, Purdue University
  • Dr. Richard A. DeMillo, Charlotte B. and Roger C. Warren Professor of Computing, Georgia Tech
STEW 214
03:15pm "The Next Decade" Survey Call STEW 214
03:25pm Networking Break STEW 214
03:40pm Distinguished CERIAS Alumnus Talk - "Developing an Internet and Blockchain Emulator for Research and Education", Dr. Wenliang (Kevin) Du, Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University STEW 214
04:00pm Research Poster Session Preview
Students from Indiana colleges and universities present their research in an “elevator pitch” format
STEW 214
05:00pm End of Session 1 STEW 214
06:30pm Poster Session and CERIAS 25th Anniversary Celebration Highlighting research conducted by students at Indiana colleges and universities PMU Ballroom
09:00pm End of Day 1 PMU Ballroom

Wednesday, March 29th

08:00am Registration / Coffee / Networking STEW 214
09:00am Opening Comments, CERIAS Awards, and 25th Anniversary Achievements
  • Diamond Award (Renee (Wren) Forfa)
  • Pillar of CERIAS Award: The Data Mine
  • Foundation Awards
STEW 214
09:30am Keynote Day 2: - "Trends in the Industrial Cybersecurity Landscape", Robert M. Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, Dragos, Inc. STEW 214
10:30am Networking Break STEW 214
10:45am Fireside Chat -
  • Dr. Eugene Spafford, Executive Director Emeritus & Founder, CERIAS, Purdue University
  • Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Cisco
  • Robert M. Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, Dragos, Inc.
STEW 214
11:30am CERIAS Tech Talk - "Criminology, Linguistics, and Biometrics: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Identifying Online Child Sex Offenders" - Dr. Kate Seigfried-Spellar, Associate Professor, Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University STEW 214
11:50am Peter Choi, Principle Member of Technical Staff - R&D, Cybersecurity at Sandia National Laboratories STEW 214
12:15pm Lunch and Networking Break PMU
01:30pm Snehal Antani - CEO, Horizon3.ai and Innovation Hub "Effective Security: Proactively Verifying Your Security Posture" STEW 214
02:00pm Networking Break STEW 214
02:15pm Panel Discussion: The Intersection of Space and Cybersecurity
  • Moderator: Joel Rasmus - CERIAS
  • Dr. Barrett Caldwell, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Joint Appointment in Aeronautics & Astronautics, Purdue University
  • Ambrose Kam - Cyber Chief Scientist / Fellow - Lockheed Martin
  • Dr. Kimberly S. King - Senior Engineer Specialist at the Aerospace Corporation
  • Sean Plankey, Chief Architect, Bedrock Systems
STEW 214
03:15pm CERIAS Tech Talk - "Designing Emotionally-Intelligent Digital Agents that Move, Express, and Feel Like Us!" - Dr. Aniket Bera, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Purdue University STEW 214
03:35pm CERIAS Tech Talk - "Pushing the Frontiers of Collaborative Learning: Security Challenges and the Path Forward" - Dr. Zahra Ghodsi, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University STEW 214
03:55pm CERIAS Tech Talk - "Defusing the Tension between Security and Performance with Secure Microarchitectures", Dr. Mohammadkazem Taram, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University STEW 214
04:15pm Networking Break STEW 214
04:30pm Closing Keynote: "What Do We Owe One Another In Cybersecurity?" - Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Cisco STEW 214
05:30pm End of Symposium STEW 214

Thursday, March 30th

08:45am CERIAS External Advisory Board (EAB) Meeting (for members only) Coffee/Light Breakfast - CERIAS Board Room - Convergence Building: 101 Foundry Drive, WL Campus CONV
09:00am EAB Meeting CONV
12:00pm Lunch Break CONV
03:00pm End of EAB Meeting